Why Choose True Tint

We are the experts that you have been looking for! True Tint has over 20 years of experience in window tinting. Our technicians are experienced and skilled.

True Tint is the #1 reviewed and rated dealer and luxury car tint installations in all of Cincinnati!

You probably spend a lot of time behind the wheel. While doing so, you are exposed to harmful UV rays. Too much sun exposure is not only bad for the skin; it is terrible for your car’s interior. This is one of the many reasons you should consider getting your car windows tinted. To avoid these issues, you could take advantage of a professional tinting service offered by True Tint. For those of you in Ohio and the surrounding areas, visiting True Tint is a swell idea. We utilize efficient installation methods that are quick and safe.

Besides keeping your skin safe from harmful UV rays, the tint also saves your eyes from light overexposure, increasing your response time and visibility while you are driving. Additionally, your car’s upholstery will not fade and crack. Furthermore, your passengers are protected because the tinted glass will not shatter in case of an accident. You can leave your car in the sun, and the tint will regulate the temperature inside your vehicle by filtering the sunlight.

True Tint has top-of-the-line equipment and uses the best products available in the market today. We can give you a complete overview of our service and our comprehensive procedures. Our installations are no less than perfect.

Our team of technicians have applied these procedures thousands of times. Whether you want us to work on your private car or your company, you can always trust True Tint to deliver a stellar job.

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