New Car Purchase, But Front Windows Are Not Tinted

Window Tinting

So you just made that big purchase of a new vehicle and overlooked the fact that the front windows don’t match the rear. Well not to worry or think too much of it because a lot of new vehicles, especially SUVs and trucks, do not have the front windows tinted.

Denali with no front window tint

This is a GMC1500 purchased directly from the dealer, and of course the front 2 windows don't match.


This client came to us just wanting to match the driver and passenger windows to the rear section that had already been tinted from the factory. Well that’s no problem for us, we deal with this daily.

Carbon Window Tinting

The biggest question that you should ask yourself is “What kind of film do I want to have installed on my new vehicle?” Do you want just a standard dyed film or do you want some kind of protection from the sun? A great alternative is to go with some Premium Carbon UV blocking film. This will protect you from the harmful sun rays.

Ceramic Window Tinting

Or maybe you want the best and want to get all the protection so you go with the Premium Ceramic heat rejection film which does everything including blocking harmful UV rays.

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This job only takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes with cleanup time. So it’s something that you could wait on if you needed to.

Denali With Front window tint

In the end you’ll be happy that you decided to have them tinted to match and also that you have some kind of protection from the sun.

Denali with tint

If you have any questions about all the films, processes, or just want to get on our schedule, please contact us at 513-502-2795.

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