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We at True Tint make a difference. We make sure that your paint job is protected and lasts for a long time. You might find yourself asking, is the cost worth it? Amazingly, the price is minor compared to the long-term benefits you get by installing a paint protection film on your vehicle.

If you drive in the Mason, Ohio area and are looking for a reliable and trusted tinting company, True Tint can help. There are several advantages of paint protection film. Since it is invisible, it is impossible to notice. High-quality modern PPF's today are incredibly durable and long-lasting. The PPF is hydrophobic, and all kinds of liquids and chemicals will runoff. It is like having a permanent waxed exterior that serves as a protector. The PPF application makes sure that your paint stays looking brand new.

While ceramic coating is excellent, it's challenging to apply and is expensive. PPF, on the other hand, is inexpensive, easier to handle, and helps you maintain your car's resale value.

When you choose True Tint, you choose high-quality and reliable service. We have helped hundreds of customers, and they love our work because we do not leave any loose ends. Our technicians have been trained and experienced, and they are always looking to make our customers happy.

We at True Tint pride ourselves because of our warm and friendly customer service. We have a "customer-first" policy and offer a diverse range of products. True Tint can help you when it comes to keeping your new or freshly painted car looking new. Our high-quality films prevent damage caused by dust and road debris.

True Tint is the #1 reviewed and rated dealer and luxury car tint installations in all of Cincinnati!

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